PolyFlex Urethane Binders

Premium Poured in Place Binders

A poured in place rubber surfacing system is only as good as the materials that comprise it and the skill of the installation crew. Perhaps the most critical component of a quality poured in place rubber surfacing system is the binder. Our PolyFlex binders are designed to provide a durable, flexible and long-lasting bond for our rubber components. Our UV stabilizers allow our binder to be head and shoulders above the competition providing superior strength and longevity.

Quite simply, we offer the best binders in the business.  PolyFlex binders are formulated specifically for the Poured-in-Place surfacing industry for the bonding of rubber surfaces. It is manufactured with a proprietary castor oil based polyol and a non-solvent based wetting agent that lowers the trowel drag coefficient during installation.

PolyFlex binders are available for several climate characteristics, including extreme conditions. Choosing the best binder for the prevailing weather improves working conditions for the installer, and assures that the installer will be able to perform his best work.

Variations of temperature, dew point and humidity affect the cure rate and workability of binders. Generally, high temperatures combined with high humidity result in a fast cure of the surface. Conversely, lower temperatures or humidity will extend the curing time. Consequently, our PolyFlex binders are formulated with specific amounts of catalyst and wetting agents to accommodate a wide range of installation issues.  The choice of a particular binder is based not only on the prevailing weather conditions, but the ability of the installer to plan and execute his work at a speed that allows the workmen to trowel a tight and smooth surface finish.

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